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Palma de MallorcaPalma de Mallorca, Palmaria founded by the Romans, is situated at the center of the bay.
It is the most important port of the island, which absorbs most of the tourist flow, providing numerous recreational facilities, as well as being an agricultural, industrial and handicraft (leather work and embroidery).

Each area of ​​the town tells the story of the island, and so, since the arrival at the port, you can admire the Gothic cathedral of La Seu (XIII century).
Whose roses were redesigned by Gaudi and the Portada del Mirador where you can enjoy a wonderful sea view.
Not far away is Almudaina, royal residence and military base built in the fourteenth century.
Near the Cathedral is the Museum of Mallorca in which are preserved numerous archaeological finds along with works of medieval times.
Behind the museum there are Banys Arabs (Arab Baths), only remnants of the Moors in the city.
More about the church of Saint Eulalia, the oldest city (XIII c.).

One of the most famous and important of Palma is the Passeig des Born, which until the flood of 1613 was covered by a stream which is then arranged to divert Passeig Mallorca, while in 1830 they were placed in the Passeig Sphinxes those lions.
Is located near the Passeig, Fuente de las Tortugas, built to remember the oath as a princess of Queen Isabella II.
In the heart of the historic Plaza Mayor, once the headquarters building of the Inquisition, in the Plaza de Cort Palma’s town hall, built between 1649 and 1680, of which you can appreciate the watch, known as l’En Figura.

Connection between Old Town and the new city is the Avenida Jaume II, the most exclusive shopping street of the island.
Worthy of note is the district of La Gerraria ancient handicraft center, the Jewish Quarter and El Puig de Sant Pere, another old quarter of Palma de Majorca, a haunt of fishermen and artisans.
Do not miss the Bellver Castle built by Jaume II in 1309, within which lies the Museum of the History of the city.

Palma de Mallorca also boasts countless facilities for tourism (luxury hotels, holiday villages) and beautiful beaches, among these we remember the beautiful El Arenal, one of the largest and most visited island.

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