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Mallorca Natural Parks

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Mallorca Natural ParkIn a territory wonderfully rich in biodiversity as the island of Mallorca, there had to natural areas that preserve hundreds of plant and animal species from extinction.
Five are those identified as Parks or Reserves.

Natural Park of Sa Dragonera: an extension of the Serra Tramontana, a rich Mediterranean where many varieties of olive trees predominate. There are colonies of gulls, cormorants and dolphins.

Albufera Natural Park: a refuge for birds, of which about 230 species have been sighted. The Park is full of reeds and receives water from several streams and the river Sant Joan.

National Park of Archipelago Cabrera was declared in ’91. It ‘a strategic area for bird migration routes. So far there are 130 species were reported not to mention the 10 subspecies of Sargantana lizards and small reptiles typical of the Balearic Islands.

Llevant Nature Reserve, a small reserve of rich vegetation.
And ‘here that there are many Mediterranean tortoises.

Mondragó Natural Park: place characterized by reef type marine deposits, is a highly humid area where the pond is located S’amarador.