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Caves of Mallorca

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Mallorca CavesOne of the wonders of the island are the natural caves that cross internally as a lattice. The number of caves in Mallorca hovers around 800, but only five have so far visited.

The Caves of Campanet are the largest, and are divided into “rooms”.
One room, called Enchanted Room, actually leads to a garden overlooking the sea offering a breathtaking view to say the least.

In the Caves of the Dragon is Lake Martel, the world’s longest underground lake with its 1.77 km. The caves are four of the Dragon: Blanca, Black, French Cave, Cave of Salvador.
Often become charming theater for a short concert of classical music.

The Caves of Arta are characterized by the formation of extraordinary stalactites. One of his times, the so-called Sala de las Banderas, reaches the level of 45 m.

The Caves of Hams are artificially lit with modern electrical appliances that make it a surreal, magical.

The Caves of Genoa are the smallest among those described above, to visit them to go down to well 36 meters deep. 5 km away from Palma de Mallorca.