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titosTito’s is one of the most famous discos in Mallorca. Born in the 30’s is on the seafront of Palma de Mallorca, the city symbol of the island’s nightlife. Recognize it from the outside is very easy since its futuristic at first glance may recall a science fiction movie.

To access this wonderful club there are two entrances: the main one is on Placa Gomilla, the other is accessed from Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, and in this case to enter the premises must take an elevator from which you can see the whole bay Palma.
At the entrance there is a large terrace with chairs and tables, the first floor but the largest room, with five mini-bar, which started to dance, climb higher, we find a private room on the second floor, the third and last the vip room, crowded with celebrities especially in summer.
Different kinds of music that you listen to him with a slight majority of commercial and of house.

Reference point for foreigners visiting the island, prices vary greatly evenings at Tito’s.
Before one o’clock at night, if there are no DJs or special events, the ticket costs about 12 euros, double consumption in the case of evening-event, the price can go up to 60 euros.

Map of Tito's

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