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Pacha – Mallorca

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Pacha MallorcaLocated in the port of Palma de Mallorca, the nightclub Pacha is definitely one of the most frequented by tourists, especially during the summer. From the outside you can admire the elegance of the structure, 3000 square meters divided into three floors, designed by Jaime Sierra.

In addition to the main hall, where you listen to mostly house music, there are: a funky lounge, chill out lounge, restaurant, VIP area, a terrace overlooking the harbor, three bars and a private parking.
For those wishing to return home with a souvenir of this great club, full availability is also a boutique where you can buy one of the many objects targati Pacha, not infrequently, on some nights, many of these gadgets are distributed free to guests the room.

Open seven days a week in summer, about once a week, usually Sunday, is organized gay night called “Pacha Loca“.
Except for the main event, during which alternate the best DJs in the world, the price of entry to venue is about 15 euros including a drink, for a fun starts around 22:00 and lasts until at 5:00.
Pacha also have restaurant that offers a quality service to all customers in a different environment and innovative.
Dining at our restaurant we offer you free entrance to the disco.
Mediterranean cuisine, all our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients finest, open every night from 19:00
to 2:00 a.m. Closed Sunday night.

Map of Pacha - Mallorca

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