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Sa Canova

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Sa CanovaThat of Sa Canova (or Arenal de sa Canova) is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Arta, in the northeast of the island of Mallorca.

To those who come, Sa Canova offers a view of the azure sea, a vast and soothing greenery and, to those familiar with diving, the wonderful spectacle of a rich backdrop of sea grass.

Sa Canova has also included a system of dunes in a protected region composed of a wetland area rich in flora and fauna, where they grow sea lilies and fragrant rosemary.

To reach it you have to cross the area of Punta Llarga and arrive in Punta de Sa Barraca, because that’s where you begin the 1800 meters of pristine beach that end in the Torrent de na Borges.
Among the other Sa Canova is not only interesting from a naturalistic point of view, but it is also an area rich in archaeological sites.

Getting there is easy, and that is why it is always fairly quiet and therefore a favorite of those who practice nudism.

Map of Sa Canova

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