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Sa Calobra

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Cala Sa CalobraThe beach of Sa Calobra is located in the area of Escorca, northwest of Mallorca, in a charming bay protected by the mountains.
To reach it you need to travel about 15 km of curvy road.

It ‘s considered a urbanized area, but its falls, 60 meters long, is certainly one of the most beautiful island and famous for its white stones, and, especially, Torrent de Pareis (the river of twins).
The Torrent, in fact, over the centuries has carved a canyon overlooking the beach.
In fact, the cliffs that surround it are nothing but the walls of that canyon.
A portion of the river was dammed by some wooden boards which prevent their entry into the sea, while close to its mouth the river is free to dive into the sea beyond the walls of the canyon.

The spectacle of the river, the canyons, sand and gravel are often agitated the sea beach of Sa Calobra by intense fascination and wild, that deserves to make the journey a little ‘rough helpful to get there.

Map of Sa Calobra

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