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Cala Tuent

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Cala TuentCala Tuent is located at the foot of the Serra Tramontana and is practically fixed by Puig Major, the highest peak on the island of Mallorca.

Cala Tuent turns out to be a beach thanks to the exceptional beauty of the great forest of pines that precedes it, but primarily because of the fact that it lies in an area where urban development is still lacking.
The beach is about 170 meters long and its sand is a mixture of gravel and fine grains.
The sea is clear, but not always at ease because there are often changes in current.
If this can certainly be an attraction for those who love water sports like windsurfing or surfing, it is not only for those who want to enjoy a comfortable bathroom, so you should always pay close attention in the water.

On the spot, in addition, there is no parking, nor is it easy to park close to the beach because the area that surrounds it and that is the path to it is very narrow.

Map of Cala Tuent

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