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Cala Torta

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Cala Torta MajorcaCala Torta is located in the district of Artà, north east of Mallorca.

It’s a little beach hard to reach, being located in a mountainous area full of rocks.
The road to get to the falls (the Carretera de Artà) is indeed well reported, but the last two kilometers are quite rough because the ground is made of gravel and is in good condition.
However, because of the intricacies of this process, makes Cala Torta remains one of the few truly unspoiled coasts of Mallorca, also during the trip you can enjoy an exceptional view, being able to observe from afar, the island of Menorca.

The beach is about 150 meters long, has white sand and turquoise sea that is not always calm because the cove is exposed to wind from the north.

The place is ideal for snorkeling and nudism.
On the beach, also you can enjoy the refreshment of a small bar and a cafe.

Map of Cala Torta

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