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Cala Pi

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Cala PiCala Pi is named after a river that flows directly on the beach, is also from the many pine trees that surround it.
The cove is located about 17 km from the town of Llucmajor, in the southwest of Mallorca and not far from the village of Capocorb, considered as a genuine artistic and cultural monument of the nation.

The beach is quite small (around 45 meters) and is bounded by a wall of rocks about 30 meters high. The coastline is quite deep and the sand is very soft and golden.
The sea is quite calm and, above all, transparent making it ideal not only for adult relaxation, but also for the children, who are not in danger of being caught by waves too dangerous for them.

To reach the creek to go down a long, steep staircase.
The area does not offer tourist facilities, or dining, the beach, however, has a free parking for cars, and in its vicinity, in addition, there is a bus stop.

Map of Cala Pi

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