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Cala Petita

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Cala PetitaCala Petita is a small beach 30 meters long located near the town of Porto Cristo, in the district of Manacor, to the east coast of the island of Mallorca.
Its fame is due to the striking pink rocks that give it shape.

Since the sea here is usually a bit ‘rough, just the rocks can sometimes be a problem for every diver too close to the shore, this is highly recommended to take us to bathe the children, but in any however, even for adults is recommended some attention to avoid unwanted scratches.
Apart from that Cala Petita is a very quiet beach, and for this a favorite of nudists. Its sand is a mixture of pebbles and gravel.

The beach is also very close to the Dragon Caves and Hams Caves, so he can become, perhaps, the first step in a relaxing journey full of suggestions for an unforgettable day on the island.

Map of Cala Petita

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