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Cala Mondragò

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Cala MondragòAlso known as Cala de sa Font de n’Alls, the beautiful Cala Mondrago is located in the district of the city of Santanyi, south east of Mallorca.

In ’92 has become an integral part of the homonymous National Park while in ’95 the European Union has declared the Area of Special Interest avifauna.
This has meant that despite being one of the busiest and most famous beaches of the island, and despite the presence of some hotels in the area, has continued to maintain almost intact its original landscape and its abundant nature.

The beach is about 75 meters, and clear waters have often been awarded the blue flag.
His haul is actually formed by the two creeks, a few meters from public transport stops and immediately accessible for those arriving, the other, instead, reachable only by going through real carefully walkway rocks.

However the beauty of the landscape of Cala Mondragó, its green pines and the sea is always clean, worth the trouble of a journey, perhaps a little ‘annoying but certainly very exciting, because totally immersed in nature.

Map of Cala Mondragò

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