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Cala Mandia

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Cala MandiaThe beach of Cala Mandia (or Cala Mendia) is 3 km from the town of Porto Cristo, on the east coast of Mallorca.
It’s about 60 meters long, and its shoreline is located within a particular bay bounded by a series of low cliffs and rich in lush vegetation.
This does believe that the area has been spared from development.
The cove is in fact surrounded by several hotels that does not harm its picturesque landscape.

The sea is clear, and is a sight to observe the formation of real natural pools thanks to the play of the currents and tides.
The backdrops are quite sandy and the beach itself is made ​​of soft sand, very fine and white.
All these elements, together with the remarkable cleaning dell’arenile, have awarded the blue flag.

Cala Mandia is also a good starting point for those who want to try to swim to the nearby Cala Anguila, and also a blue flag with a beautiful reef, as well as a beautiful blue-green sea.

Map of Cala Mandia

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