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Cala Major

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Cala MajorThe beach of Cala Major is located about 4km from Palma de Mallorca, near the Marivent Palace, the summer residence of the royal family of Spain visible from the highway that leads right to the beach.

200 meters long, a sea of ​​Cala Major has a unique turquoise color and is quite sheltered, so you can also swim in the cooler days without being disturbed by a breeze too.
Between the second half of the ’50s and early ’60s, the town was a tourist destination for the elite, and the Modernist style buildings that can be seen along the main road feature somehow seem to recall, with their elegance, the aristocratic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Regarding instead the beach, in the 90s it was necessary a complex operation of artificial regeneration. To return to the sand texture and firmness, in fact, have been transported several times nell’arenile several tons of sand derived in part from the bottom, but does not intervene in the case of existing natural rock.

Map of Cala Major

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