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Cala d’Or

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Cala d'OrCala d’Or is located in the district of Santanyi.
In fact, very often you use the name of Cala d’Or to indicate all locations concentrated along the southern coast of the island between Porto Colom almost to Cala Mondragó.
These places have in common a strong maritime tradition and clear blue sea.

In the early 30s some artists, struck by the beauty of the place, they made a retreat to relax and be inspired by the lushness of nature, and from that moment on, his fame has grown up without stopping to become one of the most famous and popular of Mallorca.

There are several beaches that characterize this area, beaches that are often interspersed with rocks and caves.
Among the various, include Cala Ferrera to 14 km from Porto Colom, almost 100 meters long and surrounded by pine trees, Cala Gran, the largest of all the coves of Cala d’Or, with very soft sand and rock bass; Cala de Sa Torre 5 km from Cala d’Or, 35 meters long and close to a seventeenth-century watchtower that gives it its name.

Map of Cala d'Or

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