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Garcey Beach

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Garcey beachAlong the west coast of Fuerteventura, near Barlovento Beach, you will come across in Garcey Beach, a beach of black sand from the very unusual history.
Just before the beach, in fact, stalled the wreck of a large cruise ship, the American Star which in 1994 was stranded on the shoals of the island, and still remains there.
Unnecessary, in fact were all attempts at recovery.
To date, the boat has lost a part of the trunk deck, but everything else is still there, not far from the beach, incredibly built to challenge the waves and winds.

The thin strip of Garcey Beach formed area of ​​land right in front of the large ship, which has made waves as a barrier to encouraging the formation of a characteristic sandy cove.
To reach this isolated bay requires a little patience, given the conditions of the dirt road ahead (from Pajara towards the sea), but this place is without doubt one of the unusual attractions of Fuerteventura more details.

Map of Garcey Beach

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