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Cofete Beach

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CofeteOn the western side of Fuerteventura, going from the extreme southern tip, where the first beach you come across is to Cofete.

The large beach of Cofete is a place of rare unspoiled natural beauty stretching for several kilometers, and is composed of fine white sand.
The appearance of the area is still wild, due in large part to the fact be quite difficult to achieve, given that we must equip themselves to get a deal off-road and over an hour of uncomfortable unpaved roads.
Not surprisingly, the striking Cofete is never crowded and is a favorite destination for families and couples seeking a romantic place to stroll.

Even the nudists are very fond of this beach, because of its rugged features and tranquility it offers.
Note that – in this stretch of coast – the sea is almost always slight, and it is good that the swimmers pay close attention to the strong and dangerous currents.

Map of Cofete Beach

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