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Barlovento Beach

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Barlovento BeachGoing from Cofete Beach along the western part of the peninsula of Jandia, we come to another well-known beach, the beautiful Barlovento Beach.

Like several other beaches in the west side of Fuerteventura, Barlovento Beach has a beauty and pristine wilderness, its dark expanse of sand stretches for 8 km and is ideal for lovers of the beautiful and peaceful places.
A strong wind beats it incessantly, and the sea is greatly exposed to the strong (and dangerous) ocean currents.
To get there you must travel a long dirt road and uncomfortable, which indeed helps to leave intact its nature.

Due to its particular environmental characteristics, the beach of Barlovento is particularly loved by many nudists and naturists who frequent the island of Fuerteventura.

Map of Barlovento Beach

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