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Ses Illetes

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ses illetesOn the western side of the peninsula Trucador, on the other side in Llevant beach, lies the fabulous Ses Illetes beach, which means “small island beach”, as it is protected by several islands.
Medium-small, part of the Natural Park of Saline, Ses Illetes beach is always full of tourists, indeed probably themost famous beach of Formentera and crowded, so not the ideal place for those who think a holiday sign of peace and privacy.
It reaches it, however, is not likely ever to be disappointed.
The area is a veritable paradise on earth: the fine white sand and the sea make it simply unforgettable dream inthe waters teem with a rich marine life makes diving enthusiasts rush from all over the world.

Because of the strongwind which constantly beaten, Ses Illetes is always full of surfers in search of waves to ride, services are also available for leisure, such as equipment for sailing, windsurfing and water skiing, and of course a great deal of kiosks, barsand restaurants.
In the area rates are very high.
The nearest bus stop is located about half a kilometer.

Map of Ses Illetes

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