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Es Arenals

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Es ArenalsThe beach by far the most popular of all the southern coast of Formentera and Es Arenals, which meets from Migjorn proceeding eastward, towards the promontory of La Mola.
This beach has the great advantage of being very close to the city center all’attrezzatissimo Mar y Land (also known as Maryland), which has a large modern hotel complexes.

Es Arenals is known for its beauty, with beautiful white sand and sea, and – as mentioned – particularly popular with tourists.

About the area de la Mola: in case of particularly beautiful day, it’s worth a little more of a walk (about a quarter of an hour) to visit the Lighthouse (Far de la Mola) to the east of ‘island, overlooking the cliffs, offering a magnificent landscape.

Map of Es Arenals

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