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Caló d’es Morts

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Calo des MortsAmong Migjorn beach and Es Ram beach is a narrow strip of land of very small, the site of a rocky beach that looks like a jewel of nature: Calo des Morts.

The ‘creek of the dead “may be difficult to find, one must be careful to take a small road just before the urbanized center of MaryLand, which is very close.
The natural setting that surrounds this place is really beautiful, as is the view, while the water is so crystal clear as to seem literally.

The place is characterized by the presence of escars (dry docks for small craft boats), even in this area of Formentera, as in many others, nudism is widespread.

The only drawback is that, given the very limited extension of the beach (which varies depending on the tide), the available space is exhausted even with access to a few people, so you could easily than having to backtrack and change the program.

Map of Caló d'es Morts

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